Mass Effect: Dark Days

First Contact

So, our first session concerning the Mass Effect universe. It didn’t start well.
Problems in character creation, which were overcome. Problems in character history, which were overcome. Somehow.
But okay. Here we have our PCs:
Bent Laugenssen, Captain of the SSV Alan Turing (that’s an alliance carrier)
Forsan Kosh, a krogan doctor and tech expert.
Li’Iara, who, as her player claimed, is in no way, shape or form a rip-off of an original character.
And Brian… something, who should be a reconaissance expert and infiltrator.

What happened can be quickly summarised (as we mostly created characters):
The alliance got a distress call from the MSV Lauren, and the Alan Turing got the job to find out what happened.
When the carrier arrived, the Lauren was crawling towards the FTL limit. Captain sent fighters to disable the thrusters after she ignored calls to stop. The boarding team (3 Players plus a platoon of marines) boarded the Lauren.
During the boarding Geth were discovered and destroyed, two marines were killed and the infiltrator botched so hard, he shot a crew member of the Lauren. Luckily, the woman was already dead.
And then, we stopped.

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