Forsan Kosch

Krogan Tech Expert and Doctor


High Concept: Krogan Tech Expert
Trouble: Krogans hate me
Aspects: Honor and Glory
Let me through, I’m a doctor
Good Samaritan
Everyone deserves to live

Great: Craftsmanship, Scholarship, Alertness
Good: Bruglary, Guns, Endurance
Fair: Fists, Stealth, Athletics
Average: Survival, Presence, Might

Krogan (-3): Inhuman Toughness, Strength & Recovery, Catch ist Acid/Fire/Biotics
Tech Expert (-3): Can do Tech Attacks in Combat
Stunts: Doctor (Non-Krogans)


Learned during some conflict from Salarians our of necessity. Hated for it by Krogans.

Forsan Kosch

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